FBC turned 4

Back on the 19th of December, and, as usual, I forgot about it. I remembered in the middle of the night. You know the story, half-drunk after an Xmas party, I started up a Blogger account on a whim… and the rest, as they say, is history.

Soooo… 2009, what a year. On the personal front, I lost my job of 15 years, and my wife of 7 months. In hindsight, both were incredibly irritating and sapping the life out of me, so I’m okay with that.

So far, if my Sitemeter is to believed, I’ve had about 53,000 visitors so far. A-list status is right around the corner. As I spent some time going over this year’s posts, I have to admit… not my best year in terms of quantity or quality. I think the aforementioned personal foibles coupled with a still-lingering outrage fatigue are primarily responsible. I came up with a new, cleaner look for FBC 3.0, which I continue to like.

The biggest Google hits still continue to be “secret + New Age bullshit”, in regards to this 2 year-old post, “Matt Taibbi + gay,” for whatever reason, and a lot of links to the “Prayer” motivational poster. And of course, “Sarah Palin + idiot” remains a solid one.

As usual, lots of posts about the right wing stupids, such as Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin. Also, FBC features such as From the Grindhouse and Dumb All Over continued to thrive. Obama was inaugurated, then proceeded to capitulate, like expected of any Democrat. I took an incredible trip to the southwest and also infiltrated an abandoned hospital. As to other interesting stories, there was the man who lived on bacon for a month, and right-wing VT blogger Charity losing her godidiocy and calling me up for a bit of advice or whatever it was.

The first half of the year sucked for me. There was actually a time where I considered giving up the blogging, but I figured once my life got a bit less chaotic, the urge to blog would return, and I stuck it out, and so here we are on year number five. I have no intentions of hanging it up, lucky you. And, as always, a heartfelt thanks to all of you, in particular, those who stop by on a regular basis. You need help; that’s obvious, but thanks, nevertheless. I look forward to 2010, with a new sweetie, a new cat, and maybe even a new job, but with the same dashing good looks and intellectually superior, condescending delivery. Thanks for playing, and tell your friends.

4 Responses to “FBC turned 4”

  • Charity Says:

    Wow, I’m on par with the man who lived on bacon for a month.  I’m flattered.  At least I didn’t get included in the list of posts about the right wing stupids, though I suspect there might have been one or two of those involving me.
    At any rate, happy belated birthday, FBC!

  • JD Ryan Says:

    Well, thanks. Actually, at first, I was gonna point to a few “She’s Wrongs” but I could only find one, considering I was ignoring you for most of the year. ;)

  • Jack McCullough Says:

    Congratulations! I knew the FBC birthday was coming up, then I go and miss it.
    Keep up the good work, brother.

  • JD Ryan Says:

    Thank you, I plan on it, Jack.