Kings Park Psychiatric Center

It had power before many other parts of Long Island did. About five miles of service tunnels connect many of the buildings underground.

The 13-story Building 93 (above) which housed geriatric patients, was at one time, the tallest building on Long Island.

Hall of doors

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Now, 153 acres of KPPC is the Nissequogue River State Park, where the buildings still sit and rot. The other 368 acres lie vacant as well, with the exception of one building still in use as a small hospital.

I did a bunch of research on KPPC. I read a lot of stories about deplorable conditions here back in the day, as well as the usual mental health horror stories… lobotomies, electroshock therapy, insulin shock therapy, etc. It all went on here for quite some time.

Pink bathroom

It’s been heavily vandalized in some areas, as you can see from this picture of the morgue in Building 7:

The morgue

A favorite target of urban explorers, bored Long Island suburban kids, copper pipe thieves and “paranormal” seekers, its fate is unknown. A study concluded last month, which looked into the price of demolishing all 57 buildings, revealed it to be 215 million dollars, with 86% of that for environmental issues, as there is a ton of asbestos here, which was quite visible, in addition to lots of flaking lead paint.

Yellow room

For now, it’s all on hold. The word is that it will be protected from development, but in these uncertain times, who knows? We visited 8 of the 57 buildings, so a return trip may be in order someday.

Dorms in the Quad

In the old surgical bldg

You can look at the complete slideshow of the photos(45) here.

Also, here’s a short but good documentary about KPPC that was included on some low-budget horror flick filmed there a few years ago.

Part 2:

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