Jesus lives!

Grilled cheese has nothing on this one, lemme tells ya’.

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7 Responses to “Jesus lives!”

  • Kevin Says:

    Oh man…if I ever shared this on FB I’d be immediately De-friended by a LOT of people I know….I try to play nice and not call into question their beliefs and such….But personally I find this VERY amusing ;)

  • JD Ryan Says:

    Aw, go ahead. If any of ’em give you hell, just say, “Jesus forgives, why can’t you?”

  • Kevin Says:

    You’re a bad seed, I can admire that in a person ;) . I honestly don’t mind if people worship whatever deity they so choose to believe in, but on FB some of them are just such fervent believers that they just have to keep God on our currency and in our pledge of allegiance etc…they just can’t keep their religion to themselves at all.
     There’s a new Rush song called “BU2B” (brought up to believe), the song is a savage beat down on religion…”All is for the best, Believe in what we’re told, Blind man in the market, Buying what we’re sold…
    Believe in what we’re told, Until our final breath, While our loving Watchmaker Loves us all to death” :)

  • JD Ryan Says:

    Oh, I’m not a bad seed, I just have a low tolerance threshold for superstitious ignorance.  Any of my FB friends who would be offended by this are long gone. I guess I don’t mind what fictional character people choose to believe in, but I believe it’d be a better, saner world if they didn’t.

  • Peter Buknatski Says:

    Ah…that’s nothing.  The trick is to wipe your ass just the right way so you get a Jesus image on the T-paper.  I’ve tried it.  It works.  Proof that Jesus lives inside us all.  However, don’t try this after eating kosher or Muslim foods.