Clint jumps the shark

In Denver International Airport right now waiting for my next flight, so considering I missed the GOP Grouchy Lying Clown Show, I’ll take a bit of time to chime in.

Although many might point to the orangutan movies as Clint Eastwood’s low point (no, wait, there’s City Heat, or perhaps Bronco Billy) , last night’s performance was undoubtedly the low point for Mr. Eastwood, and I say that as someone who puts him in my top 5 actors.

I guess there’s two ways of looking at this. Eastwood isn’t always the most versatile actor. When out of his usual casting, sometimes it can work, other times not so much. If he was going for some sort of surrealistic performance art piece, he was most certainly miscast. However, if he was going for the grouchy, senile, rich, disgruntled white guy thing (aka “the Republican base”), it was a masterful performance, chanelling Heston and Reagan, among others.

One other convention afterthought…. WAY TO GO, PAULTARDS!!! You really showed them, just like you said ya’ would. Enjoy your irrelevance.

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