What comes around

Romney really is the gift that keeps on giving. Seriously. His campaign makes McCain’s look like brilliance, in hindsight. What we’ve been witnessing this last week is what happens when you make the faulty assumption that the rest of the country is as stupid and gullible as the Republican base. Someone desperately needs tell Mitt he’s not running in the primary anymore.

But in a bigger sense, it’s really just cosmic justice. Being a dick has been the essence of the modern GOP for as long as I can remember, whether it be their policies, their people, their messaging, whatever. They’ve gotten the candidate that they truly deserve, one of the biggest dicks of all. And boy, is it sweet.


One Response to “What comes around”

  • Undamned Yankee Says:

    Good point, about the GOP base, JD.  The average age of voters in the GOP primary was 65, and, of course, overwhelmingly white.

    Ironically many of these folks are free-loading off of SS and Medicare, not paying any federal taxes.