More, later

But for now, enjoy.

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  • W.R. Chandler Says:

    Don’t blame me:  I voted for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Candidate.
    My home state of California was in the bag for Obama from day one, so I voted on principle rather than pragmatism. 
    With that in mind, I am glad that Obama won.  Better to fast track everything and bring it all to a head sooner rather than later. 
    We now have four more years of this clown, and I have my popcorn ready.
    I am curious about one thing:  If (when) things are twice as dire in 2016 as they are now, will Obama still be blaming Bush?

    • fivebeforechaos Says:

      I see, like most of you wingnuts, you are safely ensconced in your alternate-reality bubble.

      If Obama stands up to the teatard congress, things won’t be twice as dire in 2016. Considering that economic indicators are all slowly getting better, not worse, I don’t see why things would be worse, unless somehow the GOP gets enough power to actually inflict even more damage than they already have. I’m just hoping for 2016 we can get a real liberal in there instead of this fake one.

  • W.R. Chandler Says:

    Economic indicators are slowly getting better???  Have you been watching the layoff-a-palooza and the crashing stock market since the reelection?
    So I don’t vote for either Romney or Obama, and I am ensconced in some sort of bubble.  You on the other hand don’t like Obama or Romney either, but you are not ensconced in a bubble?
    So, once again, if things are worse in 2016, will Obama still be blaming Bush?  Will you still be saying things could be worse?  If Obama can push through $6 trillion dollars of debt in under 4 years, what, pray tell, would a “real liberal” do?  Apparently, you are some sort of man-child who still thinks that money grows on trees.

  • twitter_fivebeforechaos Says:

    Yes, manufacturing is up, unemployment is down. And as to the stock market, which has gained 67.9 percent under Obama, according to Dow Jones, that’s a blip, as the plutocracy fears they may just have to pay a little more. Stock markets always do better under Democrats than Republicans, historically.
    I’d hope if things are worse in 2016, which they won’t be, Obama will take responsibility for what’s his fault, and also lay the blame where it belongs… the radical teatard Congress.

  • W.R. Chandler Says:

    Good Lord, you are still buying those bogus unemployment numbers?  Unemployment is down because more and more people have given up looking for work, which takes them off the U3 Table released by the BLS.  And is this the same unemployment that Obama swore up and down would be 6% by now?  Were you just going to support Obama, or go down on him as well?
    Manufacturing is up some, huh?  Since, when?  Last month?  Durable goods orders were down 13% in August; biggest drop in 3 years.  September saw an 8% rebound, but not enough to counteract August.  Know what else is up? Food stamp use (doubled in four years); gas prices (doubled in four years); food prices; the deficit ($1 trillion+ every year of Obama’s term so far.)  Obama’s spending makes Bush II look like a piker.  Speaking of spending, has it ever occurred to you that the reason the stock market continues to go up is because Uncle Ben Bernanke keeps promising to buoy the sinking ship by pumping more funny money into the economy?  Do you expect that tactic to work indefinitely?  Like a child, I think you still believe money just magically grows on trees.  And, are we going to have an actual budget anytime soon?  You keep referring to the “teatard Congress.”  Uh, Congress has a Senate, and it is by no means controlled by the Republicans, let alone by members who lean toward beliefs that represent the TEA Party philosophy.  You know, those awful, awful beliefs in fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets.  Perish the thought! 

    • Mister Guy Says:

      “Unemployment is down because more and more people have given up looking for work, which takes them off the U3 Table released by the BLS.  And is this the same unemployment that Obama swore up and down would be 6% by now?”
      All BLS measures of unemployment (from U1 thru U6) are down significantly since 2009, and BLS statistics show that both the U.S. labor force & the employment level are up by between 1-1.5 million people since January of 2009.  The Obama Administration never made any claims about the unemployment rate being around 6% by now.
      “Manufacturing is up some, huh?  Since, when?”
      Again, according to the BLS, since around 2010.
      “gas prices (doubled in four years)”
      LOL…you mean from back when were in the middle of the worst economic downturn since literally the Great Depression?  BTW, U.S. average gas prices have still never been higher over the the last 4 years than they were in mid-2008 under GWB.
      “are we going to have an actual budget anytime soon?”
      Of course, we’ve never *not* had a federal budget, since the Budget Control Act of 2011 set out specific federal spending levels for the last several years.