Random wilderness blog

I got home from a late night band rehearsal and was feeling rather festive,  and the moon is rather bright tonight,  so I grabbed a beer and Krusty dog and decided to go for a late night walk.  I’m right across the street from a dirt road that goes through Vermont’s second largest state park,  so why the hell not?

Winter is just beginning here,  the air is rather crisp and I can hear an occasional late-night cow bellowing in the distance.  I was reading the news a while ago,  and there was a lot on the development of some GOPers talking about breaking Grover Norquist’s anti-tax pledge.

All I could think about was why should we give a shit about some stupid pledge that some dumbasses gave to one guy?  Seriously,  Beltway Bubble People?  This is a problem for anyone but Republican politicians? Please explain.

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