Feb 15 2011

Best. Comment. Ever.

Take a guess where this came from. Got tin foil?

Odum’s political goals and Ryan’s predilection for puerile topics such as defecation, self-fellating walruses, and racist & sexist “blaxsploitation,” movies are more than enough motivation for the creation of the fictitious Thomas Rowley. Odum doesn’t want public knowledge of his Rovian dirty tricks and no one would take Ryan seriously. These two will obviously stop at nothing save their secret superhero identities, and I am honestly shocked at the treatment accorded Carol Moore, who has been blatantly attacked in an extremely sexist manner. That Odum and Ryan have the time to set up multiple fake blogs deriding people in this manner (such as notcarolmoore.blogspot.com ) tells me that these folks have way too much time and vitriol on their hands. Or they have funding.

Only thing missing is “They’re COINTELPRO!!!”.

And for the record, sexism, according to the batty Carol Moore = I am crazy + I am a woman + they point out that I’m crazy. Somehow, the fact that I like grindhouse films and put a picture of a squirrel with big balls up here a few years ago means, well, something to Moore. But so do sunspots. Yeah, that works.

And besides, where on earth did I ever expect to be taken seriously? If I really worried about that, I’d call myself “Perfesser” and be sure to use the word “distributism” at least ten times a day.

It’d be real swell if they could take off the tinfoil hat and actually prove these allegations, but hey, what fun would something be if it wasn’t a conspiracy? Enough, already. Keep digging. I’ve got other things to do. Seriously. Keep an eye on the Twitter feed, but other than that, that’s it for now. Here’s your farewell card, since y’all seem to like math and pictures:

Feb 15 2011

And you can add Holocaust deniers

…to the long list of comrades of Thomas DiLorenzo, long-standing advisory board member to VT’s secession group, Second Vermont Republic. The new revelations are getting so frequent, I don’t know how Rowley, the man who keeps finding this stuff, finds time to sleep at night (or, how VT Commons’ Rob Williams sleeps at night at all, knowing he’s promoting defending these hacks). Apparently, DiLorenzo wrote one of his longings for the Confederacy in a known Holocaust denial publication.

But, hey, following the “logic” we’ve seen so far from Naylor, Williams, et. al, that doesn’t mean he’s a racist or anti-Semite or anything, right? I mean, who would ever go so far to judge a person by the company they keep? That’s ridiculous, isn’t it? Expect more digging in, whining, and begging us to attend his non-event from VT Commons’ Rob Williams, one of DiLorenzo’s biggest fans. He’s on auto-pilot at this point, and so ridiculously in over his head, it’s pathetic. Prove me wrong, Rob.

Feb 14 2011

And as expected

… VT Commons’ Rob Williams couldn’t bother to answer the very-real allegations set forth by Rowley, recently, concerning the anti-Semites in his little collective. You know, because that would require introspection and accountability, two traits seemingly lost on him.Instead, he rants like a petulant child, appropriate behavior for such a distinguished academic such as himself. Hey, I’m not saying I’m the epitome of genteel, articulate reserve, but then again, I’ve never claimed to be, and what’s more, I don’t have “Professor” in front of my name.

And, as I predicted, he’s still harping on the tired Odum and JD is Rowley thing (which he doesn’t even believe himself yet sees fit to advertise with it), and yes, he’s still touting the non-event publicity stunt in May where he will be sitting on a stage, alone, somehow thinking that us not showing up is somehow a victory for him. Yeah, you really showed us, Rob.

I don’t begrudge him that, as his little group could use a victory, not having had any up to this point. He calls us confused, yet still seems to think we’re calling all VT independence supporters (including himself) white-supremacists, anti-Semites, and such. Not true, Rob. Just some of ’em. Duncan, Moore, and a few others in your tinfoil hat brigade. The rest aren’t those things… they either don’t know, or don’t care (or perhaps it’s none of their business), and what does that say about them?And, with all this, you still haven’t refuted anything. Nothing. Not one thing. Carol “Sunspot” Moore is still peddling her tripe at VT Commons, and Thomas DiLorenzio is still on your advisory board, and whoa, what’s this???? Today, Rowley dug up yet another white-supremacist who you and Naylor have given a megaphone to! My godless, where do you get ’em all? You have a cousin in Idaho or something? Slow down, bro.

The really funny thing is he doesn’t seem phased by the fact that of the few people who might find this interesting, quite a few already know we’re not going to this (including some that actually matter), so when they see his cute little photo of us on the poster, they’ll already know he’s lying, and the five others in the audience that night probably won’t care, either. But for those who have been following all along, they’ve known that for quite some time.

Keep digging, Rob. We’ve got plenty of shovels. Ignoring and dismissing things won’t make ’em go away or make ’em untrue. Just ask Richard Nixon.

Oh, and here… since you asked, please use this photo for your poster …

Jan 29 2011

Delusions, persecution complexes, and Rob Williams (update)

After their phenomenal electoral landslide mudslide, I kind of resolved not waste my energy on the VT secessionists any more. It’s like sitting around posting about what Lyndon LaRouche is up to lately, in that it matters as much. Of course, Rowley over at VT Secession manages to keep busy with them, still quite active as of late, most recently with a profile of one of their supporters, who just might be a Neo-Nazi. But that’s none of my damn, business, at a personal level.

Nevertheless, they can’t seem to quit us, especially with this ridiculous notion that John Odum, me, and Thomas Rowley are all one and the same (or, more accurately, that Odum and I just post anonymously over at VS as Rowley – like I have the time for that shit). This is repeated often by VT Commons’ Rob Williams, undoubtedly because it magnifies their rampant persecution complex. He even keeps offering to set up symposiums that none of us have any intention of showing up to, as though somehow someone wouldn’t see it for the P.R. shtick that it is. What, is he going to debate three photographs or something?

The latest funny from Williams, which I’m not going to link to:

Editor’s Note: Thanks to our good friends John Odum and J.D. Ryan over at Green Mountain Daily for bringing this important article to our attention, via their “anonymous” blogger Thomas Rowley over at the VermontSecession blog. (I know – it is awfully confusing to me, too.) Looks like GMD is doing a fund-raiser right now. Donate money to GMD’s blog, and you can also support J.D. Ryan’s blogging habit at “Five Before Chaos,” and John Odum and J.D. Ryan’s “VermontSecession” blog, too.

A long time ago, I put a Paypal button on here, which got an astounding zero clicks. I said “hell with it”, and found other, more fruitful ways of paying for the hosting. This blog and its offshoots (of which VT Secession is not one) pays for itself. So the idea that I’d see a cent from the GMD fundraiser, like just about everything else Williams spews, is complete bullshit.

But here’s the really funny part in all this. Back during the listserv debacle, I developed a camaraderie with a close associate of Williams, who proceeded to tell me that Williams doesn’t even believe this whole Rowley-JD Ryan-Odum shtick – he just uses it to further his narrative. In many ways, Rob is like Sarah Palin, in that he’s just banking on you being stupid. He doesn’t even believe it, which makes me kind of wonder what else he doesn’t really believe.  But, hell, why let the truth get in the way of a good story? Works well for Sarah, right?

UPDATE: Rob’s really confused… in a new update, he says that I misunderstand his post about the JD-odum-Rowley axis of evil. And in the same sentence accuses me of posting at Vermont Secesh. And I’m the confused one. M’okay. Keep it up, Rob. The more you talk about it, the more “VT Secession = racists” gets out there on the interwebs. I’m grateful for the traffic. It seemingly never occurs to him that there just might be three separate individuals that don’t care for the seseshers, but that would take all the drama out of it, wouldn’t it? Not to mention the sheer ridiculousness of having an anonymous blog and another one that basically just links to the other one. When’s the last time I broke a story? Silly, silly boy.

However, if you are thinking of making a donation to FBC (and I know you aren’t), here’s a few suggestions:

Wal fretless bass... this will run you several thousand, getting you a Premier Member status. I don't know what that gets you, but at least it makes you sound important.

Hornitos Anejo (although Plata or Reposado will work, too). Run you around 30-50 bucks.

The Dead

Nov 9 2010

The Vermont Secesher’s Epic Electoral FAIL

Making about a big of a splash as a mouse turd in a swimming pool, Rowley’s got the recap of the Vermont Secession movement’s stunning electoral landslide losses (“movement” loosely being defined as “the same 20 or 25 dead-enders”). Did I say “stunning”? I meant “unsurprising”. It ain’t pretty:

Naylor’s handpicked candidate for Vermont governor, Connecticut native Dennis Steele, finished the race at what can only be described as a very distant and abysmal third place. Some of the independents who ran speak of this third place showing in an unreal way, as though the three “top” vote getters were all within a few votes of each other. Of the 241,605 votes cast, nearly 240,000 supported Dennis Steele’s opponents. Steele has the support of approximately 0.79% of Vermonters who voted.

Time to start applying for the soon-to-be necessary Vermont Citizenship, no doubt.

Most importantly, however, is Rowley lays it out clearly what we’ve all known since day one. This ain’t no “movement” by any stretch of the imagination:

You see, the so-called “Vermont secessionist movement,” said to be making great strides in moving the secessionist ball forward in the United States, has always been an elaborately constructed hoax. Despite “secession activist Thomas Naylor(‘s)… left-leaning Second Vermont Republic movement” having been described as successful in generating popular support for Vermont’s independence, it just ain’t so. Steele’s vote total is on a par to that of other bizarro fringe candidates that appear from time to time in Vermont.

A part of the structure of the hoax of a Vermont independence movement has been, in addition to the phony poll results, an academic veneer carefully applied during the past 7 years by people such as Naylor, “Professor” Williams, Ian Baldwin, Kirkpatrick Sale, Donald Livingston, Thomas DiLorenzo, Jason Sorens, and a host of other scholarly bullshitters scattered mostly in the South. These guys grind out papers and books at a remarkable pace for something without much success or substance – secession.

Another part of that hoax has been the writers who “corroborate” the overstatement that a movement is afoot and growing. Often these supposedly objective chroniclers of this story repeat unquestioningly the “facts” put forth by the leaders of secession without presenting other contradictory facts that they are aware of, including those that directly undermine the figment of a movement to address the deficiencies of difficult times – secessionism.

Everytime I write about these folks, I think and hope it’s gonna be the last time. Then, the go and pull some other stunt. We’ll see what happens. When a group of people makes a habit of sitting around and getting high on the smell of their own shit, something’s bound to come up.

Oct 28 2010

The latest bullshit from the clowns in the VT Secession movement

Rowley’s got  a bit on the latest lunacy from the FreeVermonters. Dennis Steele : Shumlin aide offers position if he drops out. Sure, Shumlin might like the extra 1% in his race against Neanderthal Brian Dubie, but, like just about everything else out of these people’s mouths, it’s bullshit. Unreconstructed Confederate Thomas Naylor, the Timothy Leary of the movement:

On October 21 Steele received a call from a well known, enthusiastic Shumlin supporter asking him to withdraw from the race. She expressed concern that, if Steele did not do so, Brian Dubie might be elected. She went on to hint that if Steele endorsed Peter Shumlin, there might be a job available for him in the Shumlin administration. Later that evening she followed up with an e-mail to Steele confirming her interest in him. Five days later she called him again.

Now remember, everything’s a conspiracy with these people, and Steele’s going nowhere, so he’s pretty desperate for attention. The BFP cleared this up:

It’s not true, said Mallary. The Westmore woman, a former Selectboard member, said she called Steele on her own initiative to encourage him to drop out, but she never said anything about a job. “I categorically deny that. I think it’s outrageous he’s making this statement,” she said.

Nor, she said, does she have that kind of sway with Shumlin. “I never alluded that I did.”

Now, putting aside the fact that Shumlin wouldn’t be desperate enough to do this, even if Mallary did offer Steele a job, was Steele so stupid that he’d just automatically assume it came from Shumlin? He’s spent considerable time on the FreeVT listserv, so he should know what cranks sound like. I coulda called him up and made the job offer. Hell, I should have. I could use the hits.

Meanwhile, if you’re into it, there’s a poll at GMD asking what job Steele actually would have been suitable for in the Shumlin administration. For me it’s a tossup between “Brawny Paper Towel Guy” and “Undercover Inpatient Psych Services Evaluator”.

Oct 3 2010

Christmas comes early…

…to the Vermont secessionist movement. Turns out our “source” wasn’t some rat on the inside – basically these morons left their listserver up and easily accessible. As expected, it’s no longer up, so if you need some good toilet reading, you can download the entire thing in PDF’s here. Odum over at Green Mountain Daily’s written up a great piece on it, about what you’ll find inside, such as candidate Gaelen Brown’s theory of what’s going on on the dark side of the moon, as well as his thoughts on population control, and candidate Dennis Morrisieau’s rape/love poem to a distinguished Vermont journalist. That and a lot of “we’re just so fucking smart, and be sure to hide the crazy from the electorate, too.” And they loooove the teabaggers, too.

It’s not just about the racist tinge. It’s the batshit insanity of the whole group that makes them unappealing. Even if you were sympathetic to the secession movement, after reading this, you definitely won’t want these people in charge, that much is for sure.

Next time, be sure to check off the “private” button when setting up your listserver, guys. It ain’t that hard, really.

Sep 26 2010

Tales from the Batshit! Batshit! Batshit! Insane: Cropp’s Theorem

It’s been quite  a while since I’ve written on Vermont’s own whackadoodles in the secession movement. Rowley over at VT Secession, the blog that keeps an eye on the Vermont secession movement, has been dormant for the most part lately, and unless he tips me off to something, I usually don’t bother. I’d rather save my ire for nutter  movements that people actually pay attention to, like the teabaggers and such -nutter, but unlike the secessionists, politically relevant.  He had a bit on some of their silliness involving the brilliant idea of putting Ché Guevara on their flag (which backfired), and had another bit that was more of a general fart in their direction, but in all honesty, I just don’t care. I’ve moved on. Until now, that is. If you’re into some serious crazy, jump below the fold for more…

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Apr 1 2010

VT loon watch

I shoulda posted this last week, but I was in the midst of a taco and Modelo Especial -induced coma on a beach somewhere. Rowley, at VT Secession, has a bit more on Vermont’s own tinfoil hat brigade secession movement, notably, about Guru Naylor’s hilarious claim on Glenn Beck (yeah, he’ll take whatever publicity he can get, no matter how unhinged or pathetic) that 60,000 registered voters in Vermont  support secession, which is about 10% of the population.

Now, those of you who know me know that I ain’t exactly Mr. Social Butterfly, but I have met and interacted with a ton of Vermonters. I do live here, you know. And very few that I engage with are the God-Bless-Amurrica types, but even keeping them out of the equation, most people I know, when secession comes up, either say, “Really? How cute!” or “Ha!”. And the few I know who do support it know about the Neo-Confederate ties of SVR and want to have nothing to do with it. Hardly 10%.

You might need a tinfoil hat before reading their latest electoral “strategy”, as the stupid will make your brain hurt:

1. Political independence by 2015.

2. Dissolution of the American Empire by 2020.


(and under Strategies) 3. Imagine…Free Vermont. Launch a new political party whose aim is to elect state government officials and members of the legislature committed to Vermont independence. Once the party has a majority in the legislature, a motion will be introduced calling for a statewide convention to consider articles of secession. After these articles of secession have been approved by a two-thirds majority of the convention delegates, negotiations will begin with the United States Government for the peaceable departure of Vermont from the Union. [5]

And, as Rowley succinctly notes:

“Two-thirds?” Within three election cycles? And he’s yet to have one of his secession stooges win one office in the 7 years that he’s been harping on secession?

At least those dead-enders will have the Tea Party movement to chum around with for the time being. Although with all their pseudo-intellectual preening, it might not work out, as at least Rob Williams can spell and use words with more than two syllables, and can’t speak Teabonics.

Mar 13 2010

Rowley returns…

…as in Thomas Rowley, the anonymous blogger who broke the story about the Vermont secession movement’s ties (real, substantiated ones, not “allegations” as they say) to Neo-Confederates and white supremacists. As always, if you’re not interested in this semi-frequent subject on here, skip it. if you love juvenile tit-for tat with people as crazy as the teabaggers (and kindred spirits, too), then this is your post.

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