Nov 13 2012

Just ‘cuz

Aug 17 2012

“Chief intellectual teabagger”

Well, I’m Montana bound in about 26 hours. The lawn needs to be mowed, the housesitter (in the form of helpful parents) is in place, and just a little more packing to do.

I’m hoping that when I get back, life gets a little less hectic, as with the election coming up, I gotta get my groove back on. I haven’t chimed in yet on Paul Ryan, who is not my relative and is basically what a smart person looks like to very dumb people, so I’ll leave you with a good commentary from The Stranger’s Paul Constant, Romney Loves Ryan:

If we’re being generous, Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan is a man of contradictions. If we’re being honest, Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan is an idiot. Mitt Romney’s vice presidential pick has problems beyond the basic teabagger contradiction of claiming to be for small government then passing an obscenely large military budget, voting to ban gay marriage, and enacting laws that lessen a woman’s access to abortion and birth control. This is a Republican who unabashedly supported George W. Bush’s war in Iraq and the Patriot Act, but also claims to be a big Rage Against the Machine fan. There is a dissonance, a bifurcation in Ryan’s brain that demands further investigation.

And with the silly season upon us, I bid you adieu, although I’ll try to check in with y’all when I can.


Jun 30 2012

Saturday Afternoon Media Lesson

Dec 23 2011

Robinson nails it

In the WaPo:

There are only two possible reasons for House Republicans to behave the way they did. Maybe they are so blinded by ideology that they no longer care about the impact their actions might have on struggling American families. Or maybe their only guiding principle is that anything Obama supports, they oppose.

Well, he almost nails it. It’s not a “maybe” about Republicans being “so blinded by ideology that they no longer care about the impact their actions might have on struggling American families.” It’s a “definitely,” due in no small part to their teatard base.

Second, when the hell have Republicans ever given a flying fuck about struggling families? “Struggling” to most GOP’ers means having to sell their fifth house or something.

Oct 18 2011

When you can’t win with the truth

… just make shit up.

It’s how they always operate. But I don’t think that’s gonna work anymore.

Aug 22 2011

Tales of the blatantly obvious

From TPM:

What are the four primary characteristics most associated with those Americans sympathetic to the Tea Party? “Authoritarianism, ontological insecurity (fear of change), libertarianism and nativism.” So says one of the many findings in a study presented to the American Sociological Association on Monday.

Not surprisingly, inconsistent thinking is a hallmark of the teabaggers:

In our follow-up poll, 84% of those positive towards the TPM [Tea Party members] said the Constitution should be interpreted “as the Founders intended,” compared to only 34% of other respondents. Other respondents were also three times more likely not to have an opinion on the issue, highlighting the salience of the question for TPM supporters. Support for Constitutional principles is not absolute. TPM supporters were twice as likely than others to favor a constitutional amendment banning flag burning; many also support efforts to overturn citizenship as defined by the Fourteenth Amendment. That TPM supporters simultaneously want to honor the founders’ Constitution and alter that same document highlights the political flexibility of the cultural symbols they draw on.

The TPM supporters’ inconsistent views of the Constitution suggests that their nostalgic embrace of the document is animated more by a network of cultural associations than a thorough commitment to the original text. In fact, such inconsistencies around policy, whether on the right or left, highlight what many sociologists see as the growing importance of culture in political life. The Constitution – and Tea Party more generally – take on heightened symbolic value and come to represent a ‘way of life’ or a “world view” rather than a specific set of laws or policy positions.

Robert Altermeyer nailed a lot of this in his look at the RWA (Right Wing Authoritarian) scale in personality traits, some years ago. You can read a version of his work here. Double standards, compartmentalized thinking, it’s all there. When the teabaggers finally rose up, it all seemed a bit too familiar. Altermeyer also wrote up a commentary on the teabaggers that’s worth a read:

The Tea Party movement was largely created by conservative groups that provided organization, guidance and publicity for the protests. But these efforts by themselves would never have gotten tens of thousands, much less hundreds of thousands of Americans into public squares to rail against the government. While the sponsoring organizations undoubtedly set up the protests for their own purposes, bussed demonstrators to town halls, and organized massive telephone and email campaigns to elected officials, “astroturfing” can‟t explain the size of the protests. The Tea Partiers seem to have been spring-loaded, waiting for the call to arms. I suspect FreedomWorks and the Tea Party Express were rather astonished at how easily they rounded up crowds, and have been working hard ever since trying to control and channel the eruption they set off.

I have a feeling that America’s tired of being so fucking stupid, but, hey, I’ve been wrong before. We’ll see, soon enough.

Jul 27 2011

Teatard Poetry

Now I think I know where the guy who designed those horrendous Tim Pawlenty action-film trailer commercials got his inspiration from.. from the comments at American “Thinker”:

The forests will sing, the oceans will cry
The eagles will soar through every sky
Using the Constitution, the tyrants we will assail
The Tea Party’s battle-call will wail
Taking Washington with flag in hand
Claiming back our rights and our cherished land
So one day, everyone will share
The hidden words, of Reagan’s Prayer…

I’d never heard of that rag before… to give you an idea of what kind of alleged “thinking” goes on there, consider this bit from the article that the above literary masterpiece was a comment on:

It’s time for conservatives to face the truth: there is no conservative party in the United States.  There is a leftist party, and a slightly-less-leftist party.

Uh-huh. And according to that same article, the “leftists” are kicking the right’s ass. M’okay. Sign me up for that parallel universe, wherever it it, as it’s infinitely better that the one I’m living in now, where mouthbreathers rule the day.

(h/t to Balloon Juice)



Jul 14 2011

Best quote of the day

… from Harry Reid

“I’ve been to a few courthouses,” Reid said. “Any time around here with the new ‘Tea Party philosophy’ they seem to think they have an all-knowing wisdom about the Constitution, so in short that’s a bunch of garbage.”

True dat…

Jul 5 2011

Teahadists: Not getting any smarter

I haven’t chimed in too much on the teabaggers lately, as I’ve been sitting back and watching them scream their way into extinction, as their increasingly radical demands will undoubtedly force Boehner to have to get some support from Dems to get anything passed. You’d figure that with age comes wisdom, but alas, as ABL at BJ points out, the teatards show no sign of letting up on the stupidity:

At a fourth of July celebration in Lexington Kentucky yesterday, white folks were wearing t-shirts that had “Yup, I’m a racist” emblazoned on the front. A reporter at the Louisville Independent Examiner interviewed some of these asshats, and wouldn’t you know, they’re all idiots.

Look, I understand that people have valid differences of opinion when it comes to government.  Small versus big.  Regulation vs. deregulation.  Low taxes vs. high taxes.  I GET IT.

But here’s what you need to understand: From what I can tell, a lot of these Tea Party people do not know what the hell they are talking about.  They just don’t.  These are the same people who were screaming about healthcare reform, and Obamacare out of one side of their mouths, while screaming  “keep the government out of Medicare!” out of the other.  These are not people who are using their noggins, is what I’m saying.

Ask your average Tea Partier what the hell it is they want, and you won’t get an answer.  They just “want their country back,” or they “want their rights back,” or they “want the government to stop taking away their rights.”  So what’s the deal?  Did somebody steal America?  Can you please give it back to these asshats so they will STFU.

As for the “we want our rights back” crap, just replace the word “rights” with “guns.”  That’s what this is really about, isn’t it?  What rights have been stolen from you?  Oh, none.

Idiots and assholes, but God Blessed America by inflicting these brainless mouthbreathers on us. They’ve never “known what they’re talking about.” Just wait for Chandler to chime on on this for a good example of that.

Bonus: a good cartoon from Scott Bateman:

Actual Audio: Pawlenty’s Tea Party Ad from scottbateman on Vimeo.

Animated by Scott Bateman.

May 2 2011

Suck it again, birthers.

This won’t help him one bit. Not as far as the teabaggers are concerned. Bush deserves all the credit. Obama’s gloating. He’ll milk this for all it’s worth. Bin Laden was really killed in 2003, Obama just had to wait until his poll ratings got this bad. Where’s the death certificate? Maybe Trump is sending investigators to find out as we speak.

Does this mean America can stop acting like a bunch of pants-shitting children now? It’s long past time.