May 24 2011

Chris Ketcham, PR Hack

For those of you who follow the VT sesecher crowd, Rowley’s got a good one on a “journalist” who shills for the tinfoilers. He interviewed me, but it didn’t get too far, as he’s got his nose so far up their asses, he knows what their livers smell like.

Feb 15 2011

Best. Comment. Ever.

Take a guess where this came from. Got tin foil?

Odum’s political goals and Ryan’s predilection for puerile topics such as defecation, self-fellating walruses, and racist & sexist “blaxsploitation,” movies are more than enough motivation for the creation of the fictitious Thomas Rowley. Odum doesn’t want public knowledge of his Rovian dirty tricks and no one would take Ryan seriously. These two will obviously stop at nothing save their secret superhero identities, and I am honestly shocked at the treatment accorded Carol Moore, who has been blatantly attacked in an extremely sexist manner. That Odum and Ryan have the time to set up multiple fake blogs deriding people in this manner (such as ) tells me that these folks have way too much time and vitriol on their hands. Or they have funding.

Only thing missing is “They’re COINTELPRO!!!”.

And for the record, sexism, according to the batty Carol Moore = I am crazy + I am a woman + they point out that I’m crazy. Somehow, the fact that I like grindhouse films and put a picture of a squirrel with big balls up here a few years ago means, well, something to Moore. But so do sunspots. Yeah, that works.

And besides, where on earth did I ever expect to be taken seriously? If I really worried about that, I’d call myself “Perfesser” and be sure to use the word “distributism” at least ten times a day.

It’d be real swell if they could take off the tinfoil hat and actually prove these allegations, but hey, what fun would something be if it wasn’t a conspiracy? Enough, already. Keep digging. I’ve got other things to do. Seriously. Keep an eye on the Twitter feed, but other than that, that’s it for now. Here’s your farewell card, since y’all seem to like math and pictures:

Feb 13 2011

Rowley throws down the glove

Ugh, we’re gonna talk about the nutters in the VT secession movement again. I was hoping not to until author/journalist (although that last part is certainly in question after seeing how much of the kool-aid he’s been drinking) Christopher Ketcham’s blow-job that he’s given them has been published, but alas, here be me.

I’ve noticed something about the sesceshers lately… as the amount of time increases since the whole “consorting with white supremacists” thing broke, what, four years ago?, they seem to be attracting more and more unsavory racist elements, most likely because they feel welcome, or at the very least, uncriticized. Rowley, the goto guy for this stuff, has been a very busy guy lately –  documenting a prominent blogger at VT Commons who’s a virulent anti-Semite, as well as another one who’s a man-hating, super nutty conspiracy freak among other things (google “sunspots” and “political activism”), and  a supporter of last year’s superfail sesech gubernatorial candidate Dennis Steele, who frequents white-supremacist websites and would love VT to secede so he can come up here and Kick Out The Gay and Black, and plenty of new crazy from the VT seseshers. such as the darling idea of right-wing fringe lunatics across the nation, the “sovereign citizen” movement.

Of course, Rob Williams,  the editor of sesecher mouthpiece/birdcage lining/fluffer/publication VT Commons’ only concern seems to be continuously whining and just challenging me and the other two (yes, it’s two others, Robby) to some debate somewhere, which we have no intention of ever showing up to, as we tend not to like our PR stunts cheap and cheesy. The idea that just maybe, just maybe, all these facts, examples, and instances that we continually point out actually have some merit, and perhaps it’s time to shake up the movement on his end a bit, doesn’t seem to occur to Perfesser Williams. Maybe he doesn’t know, and frankly, it’s none of his damn business on a personal level, as he proudly proclaimed back in the day when this stuff started coming out. Maybe he’s in over his head now, and doesn’t know how to put the genie back in the bottle.  Instead of asking, “Hmm, why do we seem to be attracting more and more of these people, and are we really doing the lost cause a favor by embracing (or at the very least giving them a megaphone to) them?”, he just ignores it, instead going on and on about how we’re just mean and make him and his kids and the baby Jesus cry, or how we’re apologists for empire. Or Democrats. Or something like that.

Rowley seems to have noticed this too, and in his latest post, is calling him out on it. It doesn’t seem to take much for something to get under Rob’s skin, he’s a sensitive guy (well, when it comes to people pickin’ on him, at least, not so much to the concerns of people who don’t like unsavory characters such as the ones he’s embraced). I fully expect a whiny post over at VT Commons soon, that will dismiss all of Rowley’s points, as well as have some sort of “JD Ryan/John Odum is Rowley” crap in there, which at this point, is all he’s got.

Jun 9 2008

VT Commons digging deeper hole

It’s really funny how VT Commons’ editor and former smart guy Rob WIlliams keeps digging himself and his organization deeper in the whole, by simply refusing to fess up to the racist ties within the Vermont secession movement. The best he seems to be able to come up with is his whiny little “I guess this’ll give some of those lefty bloggers something to write about.”, because, you know, we just fear the success of his movement so damn much (considering the host of unsavory characters he associates with, perhaps there is something to fear, but being a straight, white male I’m probably okay). Odum at GMD did an excellent takedown of Williams’ latest today, worth a read.

And of course, Williams today is still playing the patron saint of victimhood, and he’s obviously confusing GMD with FBC (you know, three letters and such):

At least Heidi’s article will give the GMD blogging crowd something to talk about for the next few days other than the upcoming presidential “election” and “Grindhouse” movies”.

Yeah, cuz we never talk about those elections, do we? Sure, let’s talk about it. So he doesn’t like grindhouse films. I get that. Prehaps this classic film, based on the book “The Klansman” is more to his liking:

At least us GMDer’s will have something fun to discuss at the Blogger BBQ on the 28th besides the Prezelection.